Tips for Submitting a Current Photo for the Contact Page

If you have a recent digital camera photo (jpeg format) you can submit it for inclusion on the Contacts web page.  Please use a photo which can be cropped to leave only a view of your head. 

If you do photo editing, please reduce your photo to no higher than 2 inches.

Photos are reduced to produce an image about 1 inch high (about 80 pixels in vertical height).

If you have a paper photo you would like to scan, scan it at 150 dots per inch in full color and save it as a jpeg.

Please attach your photo to an email and send to

And most important of all, include your 1965 LHS name as we knew you.

Please note - your photo will not display on the site unless you have completed the information in the contact form. If you have not completed the contact form, click here.

Thanks in advance,
The web team