Online Biography Form-2005 Version

I suggest that you open Notepad before filling out this form.  Then as you fill out the form, copy and paste your entries into Notepad.   I am not able to redisplay your form for editing once it has been submitted.  If you capture your entries into a Notepad document, it will be easier to resubmit the form if you discover a mistake.

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  Single     Married    Formerly Married

Number of Children      Grand Children    Great Grand Children 

Occupation/Career Description

Military Service (Branch/Date/Locations/The Good/The Bad)


Most significant thing in my life between 1965 and 1970

Best job I ever had (or place of residence) and why

Worst job I ever had (or place of residence) and what I learned from it

Ready to retire Ė or more dragons to slay
(What will you do with your time in the next 10 years)

Best book(s) Iíve read since 1965

Favorite movie(s) Iíve watched since 1965

My most enjoyable trip/vacation

Most rewarding thing about the last 40 years

Three things I did that I never dreamed of doing in 1965

Three things I havenít done but would like to (or will) do

Personality trait or quality I like most about myself

Most important lesson I learned from my spouse/best friend


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