Viva Las Vegas
By John Harris

Okay, I was out of high school, but it was still 1965. So by the rules, this story qualifies (and maybe it will be funny).

My best friend Jim Ward and I were both in Air Force ROTC in our freshman year at Tech. We had the good fortune to get a free trip from the Air Force to Nellis AFB (aka Las Vegas). This trip was also designed to create good will with the faculty at Tech. Several faculty members had been invited to go along with us.

At lunch on the day of our trip, we both had Salisbury steak and potatoes at the Student Union Building at Tech. (This fact is important to the story). Later in the day we went to Reese to catch a C-141 transport flight to Nellis. It was my first time to ever fly. The flight got pretty bumpy before we reached our destination.

Jim and I were sitting fairly far back in the plane. In front of us were all the faculty members. As the flight got rougher, I began to think I might be about to pitch my cookies.

Jim had this marvelous ability to barf almost at will. Finally, he reached into the seat back in front of us and pulled out a clear plastic baggy. This was the Air Force. They didnít have real air sickness bag, just regular sandwich bags. Jim calmly filled his bag with the Salisbury steak I recognized from lunch. At this point I was wondering if Salisbury steak was about to come out of my nose.

Jim got up and began to walk to the front of the plane where there was a 30 gallon trash barrel chained to the back wall of the cockpit. As I watched him walk I noticed something like the human wave at football games. Just after he passed each row, carrying his Salisbury steak in hand, there was an immediate forward lunge of the faculty members for their baggies. By the time he reached the front, my discomfort had turned to laughter and all was well.

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