Mrs Pate Rushes In Where Angels Fear to Tread
By John Harris

Seventh period of my junior year found me in Mrs Pate’s American literature class. She was about the best looking teacher in the school that year, and she was only a few years older than we were. I suspect several of the guys in the class had secret ambitions of a date with the woman.

Toward the end of class one day she must have let her mind wander just a little. She began to tell us some of her personal life. Of course, we were all ears. She said she had a female German Shepherd which had recently given birth to a litter of pups sired by her Dachshund. I imagine that by the end of the sentence she was regretting ever going down that road.

She had barely finished when James Cox offered the unsolicited comment to the class, "Did you ask your big dog ‘how could you stoop so low?’ ". The class erupted in laughter. She turned a little red. Then without missing a beat, James said, "Did you ask you little dog, ‘who put you up to it?’ ". Though she was trying to regain control, at this point she was laughing with us. I don’t recall that we did any more class work in American literature that day.

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