Miss Honey’s English Lit Class
By John Harris

I was in Miss Honey’s 4th period English class my senior year. Though she never seemed to jovial to me, there were some amusing things that occurred more than once. She used to sit on a tall metal bar stool and lecture. Sometimes while seated there she would reach into her blouse. We wondered if she was searching for something. We were pretty sure she never found it.

I sat to the left of Chuck King. Chuck’s desk was next to the back of Miss Honey’s desk. On one of the test day, Chuck wore loafers. When the test started, Chuck took off his shoes and some way put his English book on the floor under Miss Honey’s desk. Then he would turn the pages with his feet. I’m pretty sure Chuck’s eyesight was better than mine. I couldn’t read the pages, but it must have helped him.

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