James White meets E.C.

Let me preface this little story by saying that Mr. E.C. Leslie terrified me more than JAWS or JASON ever did. I was just plain afraid of that guy who was vice principal in 1964.

We had 3 lunch periods (A,B,C) and I had B lunch period on the second floor. I recall that I had Coach Don Apple as an algebra II teacher and he let me sit by the door and let the bell dismiss us for lunch.

One day when the lunch bell rang, I went into my routine which was to take two steps to the stairs,leap the first flight of stairs in one jump ( I was much skinnier then), take one step and leap the next flight of stairs and begin my sprint to the cafeteria.

Only this day, MR. LESLIE happened to be walking by the bottom of the stairs just as I completed my second leap. I knocked him down. He was up immediately and grabbed me by the arm. I'm certain that he was angry at first, but he eventually seemed to be stifling a

chuckle as he realized that I was very pale and actually trembling. I could barely stand and trying hard not to whimper or bawl. When the halls cleared, he looked up at me ( I was 6 ft. 3 inches) and said "I don't suppose that I need to tell you to never do that again." I replied "N-n-n-no, sir." I didn't eat lunch that day. I was too limp to lift a spoon.

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