Funny Story
School Year 63-64
Lubbock High School

Well, you asked for it, so here goes.

I wonít give out names, other than to say I know who was involved, and at the time we thought it was great fun.

I was in band at the time and we had a student teacher. I donít remember just what this student teacherís name was, and all I remember is that he was a tyrant. He drove a (I believe) a Volvo or maybe a Volkswagen station wagon/hatchback.

If you remember during those years, on the north side of Lubbock High there had been some houses that had been torn down to make room for more parking or an addition to the school. At the time of this incident, the block foundations had been left and were about 18 inches to 2 feet tall. Well, some of the fellows in the band decided to see if we could pick up the student band teachers vehicle and move it from the street to the sidewalk. Not too hard for 6 to 8 strapping young boys.

One thing led to another and it was decided to pick the vehicle up and put it on top of the block foundation. Hmmm, all 4 wheels off the ground, interesting. Wonder how he is going to get it off. Some of the fellow stayed around during the lunch hour, when he was scheduled to leave, just to see what happened. The look on his face was priceless! He just could not believe his eyes. He walked all the way around the vehicle a couple of times to see if he could move it, but no such luck.

He wanted a group of students to help him move it off, but they were not willing. No, it was not the same fellows that put it up on the blocks, they had made themselves scarce. About that time, the lunch bell sounded, so our lunch period was over. I donít know how the vehicle was removed, but it was not there the next morning. The student teacher, to my knowledge never came back either.

Now, you may not think this is funny, but for those folks involved, it was quite funny.

Enjoy the memoriesÖ
Roger Johnston

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