Gloria P. Vigil Remembers Round-Up Day

What I remember as being funny was during my senior year at Lubbock High.  Our homeroom teacher, gosh canít remember her name, anyway our homeroom was in the new wing, where all the home economics classes were taught. As you came up the stairs, first room to your right. As, my kids say, "Get to the point mom".

Well, here it is:

Genaro Chavez and I were nominated by our homeroom teacher to be the "Wranglers" for Round-Up Day activities from our classroom. Well, since the teacher nominated us, of course, there were no more nominations and we were Elected.

Come the day of Round-Up at Chapman Field and Genaro and I were selected to participate in the "Catch the Greased Pig" event. Well, I found Genaro and we went into the pen where all the little piglets were corralled, scared. But, I wasnít so much concerned about the little pigs as I was about Genaroís white shirt. I asked him why did you wear a "white shirt". He said I didnít know what else to put on.

Well, they gave the signal and we girls were suppose to "shoo" the pigs towards the fellows while they tried to grab one. The first one to get the pig was the winner. Well we did have a winner and it wasnít us, but Genaro kept chasing that pig and I kept telling him stop, someone already got one but he wouldnít quit or give up and he finally grabbed one and smiled as he brought over it to me. I remember saying "I told you to quit, someone already won". He just laughed and said I had to get that pig, I knew I could do it. Well, I told him yes you did and now you have dirt and grease all over your white shirt, your mom is going to be very angry.

Meanwhile people were still laughing because they had stayed to watch Genaro chase the pig all over the pen. It was quite a sight to see; I laughed and cried all at the same time. But Genaro got his pig.

And now, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story by John Harris.

I was selected in my home room to be one of the Wranglers. When the Greased Pig event started, no one else from my home room wanted to participate so I took on the job.

When I walked into the pen, I had one of those deja vue moments. I can remember it now like it just happened. I knew I was going to win and I knew which pig I was going to catch. Mind you I had never been in nor ever seen a pig chase.

When the event started, I caught my little piggy by then hind legs in just a couple of seconds. Probably less than 10 seconds were spent dragging the little squealer across the finish line. In less than 20 seconds, it was over. What a party pooper I turned out to be.

And thatís the rest of the story.

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