Sonja Cox Mento

Formerly Married
Number of Children 1    Grand Children  1 Great Grand Children 

Occupation/Career Description

I am a RN that works for a large home health service. They have a travel division and I go where they have an opening that I think I may like. I have been traveling for the past 9 years and have really had a great time, seen some interesting places, met some really cool people. And along the road, I have developed some really good nursing skills. I have been a nurse since 1967....a really long time!

Military Service (Branch/Date/Locations/The Good/The Bad)

I was a nurse in the army from 1967 to 1972. I served at Ft Sam, Ft Sill, Ft Devens, and the army hospital in Nurnberg, Germany.


Traveling, the arts, theater. Keeping up with friends

Most significant thing in my life between 1965 and 1970

Deciding to go into the military. I was very young and had never been any place. After school, it just seemed the most logical thing to do to get some nursing skills, see the US and world. Little did I know what and where I would end up. My life changed forever. I do not regret this time of my life.

Best job I ever had (or place of residence) and why

The best job I have had was working in the Psych ER at Parkland some 12 years ago. I had been in Psych forever and I think that the excitement and trying to figure out what was going on with the patients was interesting. I worked with a team that was unbeatable. I learned a lot about management and how fragile peoples lives are.

Worst job I ever had (or place of residence) and what I learned from it

Working at the state hospital as a traveling nurse in VT. I had no clue who the patient was-the staff or the patients! I left 10 days after I got there. I learned that you don't have to be part of the insanity-they already had enough players!

Ready to retire - or more dragons to slay
(What will you do with your time in the next 10 years)

I am not ready to retire. I am not burnt out yet, and all my close friends are still working.

Best book(s) I've read since 1965


Favorite movie(s) I've watched since 1965

Shop Girl, Dancing with Wolves, Hurt Locker, Blind Side.

My most enjoyable trip/vacation

I go to England often and to Italy.

Most rewarding thing about the last 40 years

My son. He is amazing. I raised him alone since he was 15. He graduated from Maine Maritime, Harvard grad program, and is on the last wing of his PhD from Oxford, England. His wife, Lisa, is as educated and I think she has been the push behind my son. The have my only grandchild-Charlotte Lillian Mento. She is 4 and tells everyone that she is 10. They live in Rockport, Massachusetts. My son is the director of a large shipping company that is international.

Three things I did that I never dreamed of doing in 1965

Being in Paris for my 21st birthday, going fishing in Maine, spending a winter in Germany, and last summer-meeting up with friends in Italy for a 2 week vacation.

Three things I haven't done but would like to (or will) do

See my granddaughter grow up
Get married again
Go to Greece

Personality trait or quality I like most about myself


Most important lesson I learned from my spouse/best friend

There are no luggage racks on a herse

Editors Note: Sonja submitted this biography on 6-13-2010. She was killed in a car wreck on 6-24-2010.