Raymond Clyde Adams

Married Number of Children   Grand Children  Great Grand Children 

Occupation/Career Description

C&M Baling Systems, Inc. Shareholder/President- Manufacturer of baling presses used for recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, etc. and/or packaging of agricultural products such as cotton, other textile fibers, and leaf-cured tobacco. Founded company in 1994.

Military Service (Branch/Date/Locations/The Good/The Bad)

USAR 1968-1974
Company B 980th Engineering Battalion 4th Army
Staff Seargant of earthmoving platoon
The good-did not go to Vietnam, operated heavy machinery,& learned a new life prospective
The bad-did not go to Vietnam


Flowers, business (I hate to say), and someday again-golf.

Most significant thing in my life between 1965 and 1970

In 1970, Raymond Craig Adams was born.

Best job I ever had (or place of residence) and why

All of them.

Worst job I ever had (or place of residence) and what I learned from it

None of them.

Ready to retire Ė or more dragons to slay
(What will you do with your time in the next 10 years)

I plan to wrap-up any contribution I can make to our business and try to enjoy "some" of what I think I have missed the past thirty-five years.

Best book(s) Iíve read since 1965

The last complete book I recall reading (for pleasure) was in 1974.

Favorite movie(s) Iíve watched since 1965

The Sting

My most enjoyable trip/vacation

Third business trip to PR China in 1985.

Most rewarding thing about the last 40 years

Other than family, to become the first person to ever serve as President of both of the world's leading manufacturers of cotton ginning machinery - Continental Gin (Prattville, AL) was founded in 1832 and Lummus Industries (Columbus, GA) was founded in 1863.

Three things I did that I never dreamed of doing in 1965

Business travel to more than 35 countries.
Start several businesses.
Move to Alabama, Georgia, & then North Carolina.

Three things I havenít done but would like to (or will) do

Live at least until my youngest grandchild gets married.
Travel to places I have not seen.
Relax, worry-free.

Personality trait or quality I like most about myself

My motto is "Patience and Persistence".

Most important lesson I learned from my spouse/best friend

My secret.