Ed Clements

  Formerly Married    Number of Children 4    Grand Children  4 Great Grand Children 

Occupation/Career Description

Service Manager R.S.C.Rentals San Francisco Ca.

Military Service (Branch/Date/Locations/The Good/The Bad)

US NAVY 4/1966 TO 1/1970 Hawaii/Vietnam 4 west pac.tours of Vietnam


Taking walks along the beach, and playing golf.

Most significant thing in my life between 1965 and 1970

Serving in the Navy

Best job I ever had (or place of residence) and why

Trouble shooting for Joy Mfg. Because I got to see the whole United States, and the co. paid for it. I spent time in all except 2 of our great states. I hope to some day see those 2.

Worst job I ever had (or place of residence) and what I learned from it


Ready to retire - or more dragons to slay
(What will you do with your time in the next 10 years)

I will be working for a few more years while I raise my daughter. She is going to be a freshman in high school.

Best book(s) I've read since 1965


Favorite movie(s) I've watched since 1965


My most enjoyable trip/vacation


Most rewarding thing about the last 40 years


Three things I did that I never dreamed of doing in 1965


Three things I haven't done but would like to (or will) do


Personality trait or quality I like most about myself


Most important lesson I learned from my spouse/best friend