Sue Bryant Roberts

  Formerly Married    Number of Children 1    Grand Children  Great Grand Children 

Occupation/Career Description

Nurse Anesthetist currently. Previously School Teacher, Open Heart Intensive Care Nurse.

Military Service (Branch/Date/Locations/The Good/The Bad)


Horseback riding, photography,stain glass crafts, and landscaping my yards, and cruising

Most significant thing in my life between 1965 and 1970

I went to Louisiana to college, married and had a son. While in Louisiana I performed with many orchestras across the deep south.

Best job I ever had (or place of residence) and why

I have enjoyed everythng that I have done from teching school to being an ICU nurse to providing anesthesia to my patients. They have all involved interacting with people and helping them which to me is a great joy. I have lived in many places from Missouri, Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alaska, to North Carolina. They have all been special in their own way, But I must say that Alaska was the prettiest and most interesting of them all.

Worst job I ever had (or place of residence) and what I learned from it

hmmmmmm.....Florida. It has 2 seasons... hot and hotter. It rained everyday and it was a state full of crazy drivers and drivers without licenses or insurance. Learned a lot but did not enjoy the heat.

Ready to retire - or more dragons to slay
(What will you do with your time in the next 10 years)

I plan on retiring in a couple of years. As of right now, I will probably stay in North Carolina. I live on Lake Norman and will finally be able to enjoy the lake on my "lake toys". I hope to travel more and see more of Europe especially.

Best book(s) I've read since 1965

I have read many books and have enjoyed them all. I enjoy Grishom and Sparks, I also thourghly enjoyed all of the Harry Potter books.

Favorite movie(s) I've watched since 1965

I have many movies that I truly enjoy as evidenced by my library of DVDs. I did see a movie this past year that said a lot to me and I thoughly enjoyed it. That was "Taking Chance".

My most enjoyable trip/vacation

I enjoyed my 3 week trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England. However I have also taken several cruises on the Queen Mary 2 to England and back and have enjoyed it very much.

Most rewarding thing about the last 40 years

I have been very fortunate to have loved the different professions I have had. I have always looked forward to going to work. I can't imagine what life would be like if I did not like what I did. Caring for people, helping them and seeing their faces and eyes light up as they progressed or improved health wise was very fulfilling.

Three things I did that I never dreamed of doing in 1965

I traveled to Alaska and worked there for a while.
I never thought that I would fly a plane again.
I really did not think that I would be working in a career this late in my life. But I enjoy it.

Three things I haven't done but would like to (or will) do

I would like to travel to more of Europe,
become a Grandmother,
and spend more time with my sisters.

Personality trait or quality I like most about myself

I am independent and enjoy getting involved in activites where I can interact with and help people.

Most important lesson I learned from my spouse/best friend

My best friend has been someone that listened, advised, sympathised, and supported me in all kinds of situations. She has helped me value myself and my capabilities.